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Walk-Through Registration is Wednesday, August 14
Posted 8/1/19

The Pine Hollow Walk-Through Registration is on Wednesday, August 14. You and your child are welcome to drop in at ANY TIME during the following times:

  • Morning Registration: 7:00-10:00am
  • Evening Registration: 4:00-7:00pm

Things to Know about Walk-Through Registration:

  1. Our Goal: The purpose of Walk-Through Registration is to get you and your child ready for the new year (schedule, textbooks, information, SWAG, supplies, etc), and to help get you acquainted with the various programs, clubs, and offerings that our school provides. Just as importantly, we are launching some new initiatives this year so we are aiming to have every family make a contribution to the school or PTSA to help support our students and staff.
  2. Drop In At Your Convenience: Arrive at any time during the registration windows, and plan on the entire process taking about an hour. (The more you do online in advance, the faster your process will go.)
  3. Start Online: Online components for Walk-Through Registration will open in early August. This will include HomeLink VerificationSchool Purchases/Contributions, and PTSA Purchases/Contributions. (More information about these steps will be sent out in the coming weeks.)
  4. Bring Receipts: When you complete the online steps in advance, please be sure to bring verification/receipts.
  5. Bring Cash or Card: Please bring cash or credit so that you can complete any purchases/contributions that you would like to handle in person.


We are overhauling our Walk-Through Registration process this fall, so please be on the lookout for upcoming emails, calls, and letters to help you better prepare for this event. We are hopeful that the changes we are making will make the entire experience more informative and efficient for you, and more productive and successful for our PTSA and school.