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Pine Hollow Middle School (5522 Pine Hollow Road, Concord, CA) serves nearly 600 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. Opened in 1964, the Pine Hollow campus has three main wings housing most of the classrooms, a pod set of classrooms creating a Learning Center for students with Special Education services, and also auxiliary classrooms, labs, and science rooms around campus. The campus also includes a multi-use room, gymnasium,  six outdoor basketball courts, two soccer fields, and a practice baseball/softball field. 

Pine Hollow, home of the Mustangs, has many activities, clubs, and programs to support student engagement. Please refer to the student page to get a full list of each of these opportunities for students.

Vision - Our Core Purpose

Pine Hollow Middle School empowers a community of lifelong learners by providing an intentional and organized learning and teaching environment that is inclusive, diverse, and collaborative. We are forward looking, and preparatory for a global world and we aspire to raise the achievement of all students while narrowing the gaps so students can achieve their personal BEST by utilizing collaborative, rigorous and innovative educational experiences.

Mission - How we will get there

We will use a holistic approach where collaboration fosters inclusive and engaging classrooms through a culture rich, antiracist curriculum reflective of our students to address a range of learning styles.  We strive to instill a sense of belonging, emotional and social well-being, and ethical leadership skills.

Core Beliefs - As a Staff we believe (these are not in priority order)

  • All students can be successful and meet expectations

  • Adults are central to student success

  • Students NEED consistent routines and procedures

  • Curriculum should be nimble to adapt to students need

  • A safe, nurturing and resourced environment is an essential part of learning. 

  • We must continually seek to understand our biases and how they impact our decisions

  • We are responsible for the development of each student - socially, emotionally, and academically

  • Regular progress monitoring helps us know where we are and where we can go

  • Students learn best in an inclusive and diverse environment

  • Relationships matter

  • Teaching strategies should be designed to engage every student 

  • Scaffolded rigor assures students will learn beyond our classrooms

  • Feedback to students about their work should be informative and actionable

Campus Map

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