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Pine Hollow Middle School

Dear Mt. Diablo Unified School District Families:


All schools in Mt. Diablo Unified will be closed tomorrow, Friday, November 16, 2018, due to air quality conditions. The forecasted air quality for tomorrow is projected to be at a more hazardous level; we also are concerned with the cumulative effect of poor air quality.  


We thank you and your families for your patience during what has been a very difficult time for our Northern California communities, and wish you a restful Thanksgiving. 


Mt. Diablo Unified School District




Air Quality Update Posted 11/15/18

We will continue to monitor air quality issues and take steps to keep all students and staff indoors as much as possible. Brunch, lunch, and PE classes will be held indoors, and windows and doors will be kept shut whenever possible.

Winter Concerts Coming This December Posted 11/11/18
  • SYMPHONIC BAND and ORCHESTRA WINTER CONCERT: Tuesday, December 11 (6:30pm in the Pine Hollow Multi Use Room)
  • CADET BAND and CADET ORCHESTRA WINTER CONCERT: Tuesday, December 18 (6:30pm in the Pine Hollow Multi Use Room)

Click here for more information...

High School Enrollment Posted 11/9/18

If you have a child in 8th grade, please click here to get more information about the enrollment process for high school. If your child plans to attend Clayton Valley Charter High School or another school outside our district, please visit their website for information about their open enrollment period.

Sign up for Zero Period PE and a 2nd Elective! Posted 11/9/18

Starting 2nd Semester (January 8, 2019), we will offer a Zero Period PE class taught by Mr. Vallis for 7th and 8th graders. This class will begin at 7:15am each morning. Students in Zero Period PE will be able to take an extra elective class, giving them a total of seven classes. We're also adding a new STEM class, "The Science of Sports, Games, and Toys," taught by Mr. Miller. These exciting additions are an effort to provide more options for our 7th and 8th grade students. If your 7th or 8th grade child is interested in making this change to their schedule, you need to complete the below survey by November 16. Please keep in mind that because there are limited spots in the new Zero Period PE class, completing this survey is not a guarantee that your child will be selected for this change.


Click here to complete the survey!

Support our Teacher's Donor's Choose Projects! Posted 11/9/18

We have three teacher projects that have been posted on Donor's Choose and we need your support to get them fully funded! The three projects are focused on Chromebooks, a garden, and reading books, respectively. Please click here to view the projects and make a donation!

November Birthdays... Happy Birthday! Posted 11/1/18

Happy Birthday to our Mustang boys and girls who were born in November! Have a great month and fabulous year! 


Alexander, Essence 11/1/2005
Carroll, Jevonne  11/1/2005
Le, Hanh  11/1/2007
Cole, Summer   11/3/2006
Abdiani, Safa 11/4/2006
Luehs, Nathan   11/4/2006
Calles, Andres  11/6/2005
Blasingame, Catherine   11/7/2006
Ochoa, Edith 11/7/2005
Gonzalez, Jazmine 11/8/2005
Osorio, Natalia   11/9/2006
Dombrowski, Danielle   11/10/2004
Martin, Jon David   11/10/2005
McKay, Richard   11/10/2004
Garcia, Leah 11/11/2004
Cardenas Arias, Daniel  11/12/2006
Cryderman, Thomas   11/12/2006
Haynes, Aidan   11/12/2004
Lee, Jaime   11/12/2004
Nemati, Harris   11/12/2006
Saeyang, Emma   11/13/2006
Lovett, Tyson   11/15/2007
Ware, Tristan   11/15/2006
Nielson, Cody   11/16/2005
Ahad, Sahar   11/17/2006
Herrera, Maurilio  11/17/2006
Perez, Jazmin   11/17/2005
Raichoudri, Ethan   11/17/2006
Suh, Tate 11/17/2006
Berti, Sofia   11/18/2004
Boukhelkhal, Anes 11/18/2006
Hanley, Jonathen   11/18/2004
Burkes, Lynden  11/20/2005
Castillo, Angelina   11/21/2005
Aichour, Laetitia 11/23/2005
Cross, Jack   11/23/2005
Guzman, Dominick 11/24/2006
Suarez, Jaimee   11/25/2005
Wong, Kelly   11/25/2005
Bustos, Christian 11/26/2004
Sorensen-Pincock, Parker   11/26/2005


November Holidays Posted 10/27/18

There is no school on November 12 (Veteran's Day) and November 19-23 (Thanksgiving Break). Please check our school calendar to bookmark other important dates! 


The Pine Hollow Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is made up of parents who work with staff and students to support all areas of Pine Hollow. Our goal is to have 100% of Pine Hollow families join the PTSA each year as members ... and it's just $10 to join!