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Parents and Students, you have the option of checking Homelink, any time you want from the convenience of your phone!


iPhone Users:

Grades for Parents and Students App

This app allows you to check your grades at any time, and see upcoming assignments. It also shows you what your grade COULD be if you achieved a certain score on tests, homework, etc. so you can set goals for exams and improving home and class work.




Android Users:

Unfortunately, there are no good HomeLink apps for Android yet, but the good news is that HomeLink works very well even on mobile browsers. Just follow this link in your mobile browser:



If you want to access HomeLink more easily, follow the instructions in the link below to find out how to add a HomeLink shortcut to your Android phones' home screen.


Creating a HomeLink Account

In order to check HomeLink, you will need to create a HomeLink account here. You will be asked for a verification code that most of you have received at the beginning of the school year. If you didn't or it is misplaced, please visit our school office and request a verification code.


Students on HomeLink

Parents, please share your code with your students so that they can check and keep on top of their own grades, promoting responsibility! They can create their own HomeLink Accounts.