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The Mt. Diablo Middle School Sports program provides competitive soccer (fall), volleyball (fall), basketball (winter), and flag football (spring) teams for all eligible middle school students who wish to tryout for a roster spot. Click here to print and complete the permission slip (all students must have a permission slip on file with the main office to participate), or pick one up in our main office. For more information, please visit the Middle School Sports page on the district website, or contact Pine Hollow's Sports Program Coordinator, Karen Donerson.






  • Wednesday, September 5 from 2:00-3:00pm.
  • Wednesday, September 12 from 2:00-3:00pm.
There are no tryouts for volleyball. All players who signed up are on the team.    
COACHES Cristina Ballard, Pine Hollow Spanish Teacher Casey Adams, MDUSD Substitute Teacher    
  • Varsity
  • Junior Varsity
  • Practice Squad 
  • Varsity
PRACTICES Wednesdays at the PE field from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.
  • November 7 (2:00-3:00pm)
  • November 26 (3:00-4:00pm)
ACADEMICS Academic records are checked each Friday. Students with an ‘F’, or any disciplinary actions will not be allowed to participate in the upcoming game. Academic records are checked on Friday, November 30. Students with an ‘F’, or any disciplinary actions will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.    
JERSEYS Jerseys were passed out during brunch on Friday, September 14. This jersey is a loaner. If lost or misplaced, your child could incur a replacement fee of $35. After the playoff games in October, your child should return the CLEAN jersey to the office. PE shirts    
  • 9/17: Pine Hollow at Foothill
  • 9/24: Intrasquad at Pine Hollow
  • 10/1: Valley View at Pine Hollow
  • 10/8: Diablo View at Pine Hollow
  • 10/15: No Games
  • 10/22: Pine Hollow at El Dorado (Playoffs)
  • 10/29: Championships

Monday, December 3 at Pleasant Hill Middle School:

  1. 3:40pm = Pine Hollow vs  Valley View
  2. 4:00pm = Pine Hollow vs Oak Grove
  3. 4:40pm = Pine Hollow vs Riverview
  4. 5:00pm = Pine Hollow vs Pleasant Hill
  5. 5:20pm = Playoffs TBD
  6. 5:40pm = Championship TBD